Monday, April 5, 2010

Dresses are Here

Here they are!!

It has been a crazy, and very busy 3 weeks getting these made. It was hard to decide which ones to make in which sizes. Here are some draft pictures of the dresses. Near the bottom are a couple hair barrettes, the rest are not pictured.

Listed with the picture is the size the dress is. The pictures start with the largest size and go to the smallest size.


5T/6T *
3T/4T *


3T/4T *



2T *

2T * (Linen Fabric)


12 months

12 Months *

Unfortunately making the shoes was a headache. Getting the sizing right is hard, but not impossible. I only made a small supply of shoes. If you are interested in the shoes, I can make them for you when I get back at the end of April. I will need to draw your child's foot and send it, or take measurements. The four shoes in the picture are available, and fit a small baby. They are around a size 1 or 2.
****The dresses marked with * mean that I have more of that fabric if you want it in a different size. **** However, I am leaving tomorrow morning and will not be able to make it until I get back.

Also I have pictured here some of the hair clips that I have to go with the dresses. I will also try and have some extra if you just want to purchase hair clips.

If you are interested in getting one of these dresses or sets and do not live in Idaho or Houston, please email me and I can set up an order for you when I get back.

I hope you all like them as much as I do. My daughter was wishing they were all for her. I think I might make one of the tie dresses into a shirt for her.

Peace out, and we will speak again in two weeks.


  1. You're amazing... what fabric is the 6th dress down (blue, yellow, green floral)? I'm in love with it :)

  2. seriously you are a GENIOUS!!!! those are the cutest dresses!!! I am torn between the 3rd one from the top or the 5th. Both SO cute! I would love one, but i couldnt get on to your etsy shop for whatever reason. but write me on FB when you get home and sign me up, Greta will be in HEAVEN!


  3. I love them all!!!!!!!!!!! How do I choose?

  4. Ahhh....Heather Bailey Nicey Jane... I should have known ;) I have got to get me some of that fabric!

  5. LOVE it! some of that fabric is fabUlous!

  6. Hello. I was at the Discovery Green in Houston today and saw your dresses on your friends kids.(They were taking photos of them) They gave me your card. I was wanting to purchase some dresses for my daughter. Will these be posted on Etsy with the pricing or do I need to tell you which ones I'd like to order?
    Thanks so much.


  7. These dresses are soooo CUTE! I love the fabric...too bad I don't have any kids!


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