Saturday, October 24, 2009

WINNER of the Pumpkin Giveaway!!

Ok, it was super fun to read about all your Halloween costumes. It is actually very entertaining to read comments that are left for me to read. So thank you for all your comments.

So, the lucky winner straight from is #30. This is the comment that was left.

The Lawlor's said...

I have a cute story from just the other day.

My husband said to me "do you know where and when I go that gray and red striped sweater in our closet?"

I said "yes, I bought it for you at Old Navy along with your other ones"

He didn't remember that but is very excited to use it for his 'Where's Waldo" costume this year!

Congrats to The Lawlor's and thanks for the comment. Good luck with the Where's Waldo costume. You just need to email me your address so I can ship this to you. Just click on the email button for my email address.

To all you other awesome friends, I will have another giveaway in November I hope. I just need to think of something to make.

If you didn't win and would still like a pumpkin you can request a custom order in my etsy shop.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Giveaway!!

I absolutely love Halloween. I just love dressing up, and having fun. There are so many fun ideas out there. This year I have added an awesome witch, these pumpkins, a wreath, and some other little handmade goods to my decor. I will post a picture of my witch soon, because it did turn out pretty awesome.

My memories of Halloween as a child are very different than things are for kids now. At least in big cities. When I was little we went door to door with a pillow case to fill up with tons of goodies. No trunk or treating existed then. It snowed quite often on Halloween, or at least it was usually freezing.

Now, I live in a place that is hot and humid most nights. I still wonder why they sell those heavy fuzzy costumes in a place like this. The poor kid would roast to death. Oh, and carved pumpkins don't do well here either. They go moldy the next day. I think when I was little they just froze solid, so they were good until February. Please don't keep your decorations out past Halloween! It is still fun, and I still look forward to the spooky events that come with Halloween.

Keep scrolling for the giveaway.
Here it is, my first giveaway. I actually entered another giveaway for a cute little pumpkin, and I didn't win. So, I made my own and an extra one to give away. The giveaway will end on Saturday October 24th at 8:00 p.m. I will use to find the winner. The winner will be announced on October 24th p.m..

Here's how you enter:

1) Leave a comment telling me your favorite costume as a child, or a halloween memory. Or you can just make any fun comment you wish.

2) For another Entry become a follower of this blog and leave a separate comment.

3)Check out this Benson and Claire's blog or their auction blog. Leave a separate comment about the auction.

4) Make a post about this giveaway on your blog and leave a comment with your name and if possible your blog link.

NOTE: You can enter the giveaway even if you don't have a blog. Simply leave a comment with your name and email address.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Awesome Giveaway!!

OK, so I still have yet to do a giveaway on my blog. However, you can go to Janey Mac Press and enter the giveaway on her blog. You could win this:Get on over there and enter for your own chance to win this awesome faux headboard.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gymnastic Leotard

What do you do when you need a leotard and all the ones at the gymnastic stores are super expensive.

Well, you make your own of course.

I could have done this a lot cheaper than I actually ended up spending. I had to do it twice because the first time I did not get the right fabric, and it would not stretch enough to go on. Then I went to High Fashion Fabrics and it made all the difference getting a 4 way stretch fabric. This one here if made right the first time ended up costing me only $15. The cheapest one I found at the store was $37 and went all the way up to $90. I like the cheaper version.

I think it turned out really cute, and now that I know exactly what fabric to use it will be much better for the next one. I love the look of the flower, however, it might be better to use a more flat one like an appliqued poppy or something instead. I think this would get in the way when on the bars if she were a little older.

Now, if I ever make another one, I will try and take pictures to make a tutorial. However, I don't know when and if it will happen, but just in case I do I will add a tutorial for it on this blog.
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