Monday, October 3, 2011

My New Obsession!

I absolutely love making these. OK, so I love eating them too. The thing is both my husband and I would rather eat pie than cake. Well after making these a few times I think it is safe to say that even he loves these things. They are just so fun and easy to make. 
 Recently I hosted a party and wanted to make these cake balls as a refreshment. I needed to add something cute to the styrofoam circle to spruce it up a bit. This is what I came up with. I just simply took a scrap ruffle the same height as my foam and wrapped it around. I then added some ribbon at the top with coordinating pins to secure it all in place. I didn't want to glue it because then I can reuse the foam with different fabric later on. Anyhow, if you know how to make a ruffle you can easily make this. 
 Cake Pops anyone?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Baby Stuff

In preparation for baby I needed to reward myself with a few handmade items. Unfortunately I waited until the last couple months to make it all. Not as ideal because I am more exhausted and my body doesn't really maneuver easily. However, here is a brief look at a few things I have made.
1. Diaper Bag- This was a must because in the past I just used the one they give you at the hospital. The don't last me long because the cheap plastic stuff breaks. I have made a few of these for others and now that I have one of my own I must say that I love it. It has a ton of pockets and room for me to fit what I need in there.

I tried making it with a fabric my husband would also feel comfortable carrying around if needed. Anyhow, I really love it and look forward to actually using it instead of pretending.
2. Crocheted Flannel Blankets- I wanted to learn to crochet, so I started off by making these blankets. They were fairly simple to learn with except that the yarn thread is super tiny. I really like how they turned out.
A second look at a crocheted flannel blanket for baby.
3. Newsboy Hat, Diaper Cover, and Loafers- After feeling confident with the blankets I was ready to move on to learn some other crocheting. I had the patterns for a long time waiting to find a friend to help me figure out how to read the pattern. They seemed so confusing. Finally I decided to just see if I could figure it all out and thanks to youtube I was able to find video tutorials for all the new stitches I had never tried before. Now I love crocheting. I feel a little bit grandma like, however, I love it.
4. Crib Bedding- I wanted to try making crib bedding this time. Unfortunately I can only go as far as the bumper pads and sheet because the rest of the fabric I want to use doesn't come out until June. So since the baby doesn't really need a quilt for sleeping right away I am not worried. This is a sneak peak at what I do have. I have other plans for the wall and crib, but I will reveal those once they are finished.

Well, sewing, and now crocheting are some of my favorite past times. Now I am happy to sew things for my own baby too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Pillow

About two years ago I made a quilt for my daughter. I planned to make pillows to go with it. The problem is I never did make the time for it. The quilt itself was such a huge project for me that I think when it was finished I didn't want to do anything else with it.

Finally two years later and after a big move I decided it was time to give her bed a little more. This is the first pillow I finished and I have two others I have in my head.

I bought a pillow that was on Clearance for $5 at a place here in Canada called Home Outfitters. It is like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I was glad to score a nice pillow that I could cover for a great price. Anyhow, here is how it looks on the bed.
Once I get the other two finished it will look a little bit more complete. I also need to get my daughter some nicer pillows because hers are like pancakes. She hasn't complained though. I am glad I finally got around to making this because it adds a lot to her room and I love how it turned out. I will post pictures of the other two once they are made.
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