Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Shower Gift Set

Here is a great idea for a baby shower gift. I made this diaper changing set which includes a burp cloth, changing pad w/tie, and a bag to put the wipes and diapers in. My fellow etsy friend sells these on her Teacher Mom etsy shop along with some really awesome Toss n' Play balls. Head there if you would like to take a gander and possibly purchase one for an upcoming baby shower.

Don't mind the fog that is in the picture from the humidity here. This turned out really fun. The great thing about quilting is that when you grab a bunch of fabrics and put them together it doesn't matter if they go or not. Somehow they all just come together and look like they were meant to be together in the first place.

There is still a quilt pattern I want to try with all of my scraps of fabric that in no way match, but I am sure it will end up like this and look good once the pieces come together. It is like a fabric soup I suppose.

I was so excited when I found the pattern for Oopsie the Octopus that was posted two days ago from Mellie and Me. I love their patterns and went right to work as soon as I saw her pattern posted. Go check it out here if you want to give this cute little Oopsie the Octopus a try for yourself.

I didn't do the patchwork like she suggested simply because I was using scraps of fabric from the diaper changing kit. I think he turned out cute. Thanks again Mellie and Me for the great pattern/tutorial.

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