Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unexpected Doll Dress

So today my daughter and I decided to make some clothes for her dolls. She pushed the reverse button on my sewing machine, and put the pins back in the cushion to help.

We were trying to make a skirt, when I must have measured a little wrong in the length. So we decided to attach some ribbon straps and make it into a dress. We also sewed some velcro on the ribbon for easy closure. It was a fast sewing job and not the prettiest, but for a doll dress I am not too worried. I thought it was worthy of a post.

Summer enjoys it and now has clothes for her babies that were once naked.

p.s. I have a bad camera and live in a cave with little light. Any tips on photo taking?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a fun beach towel this was to make. I have been eyeing these woody vehicles for some time now, and finally I found something to put one on. This was specially made for my nephew for their trip to Lake Powell. It was a bunch of tiny pieces to cut and sew, but I think it turned out cute.

The only downside to this project was that I sewed through my finger with the sewing machine, and broke my needle. It was painful, but I survived, and luckily so did the towel.

For your custom towel, please visit my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Princess Dress Up

This is a dress up dress I made for one of Summer's girly friends. It was fun, but took a while since I did not have a surger.

The dress is made with a satin fabric, shimmery organza, and some ribbon trim. For the back closer I have sewn in some velcro to make it easier for the little ones to get themselves in and out of the dress.

It was fun, and maybe I will try it out once again in the future.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welcome to My New Craft Blog

Hey all, welcome to my new craft blog where I plan to post all about my random projects. I love to sew, paint (wood that is), scrapbook, sew, and anything new that seems interesting. 

This blog is currently under some construction as I have no links, or fun gadgets in my sidebars. I will get these up soon, but for now, ignore that, and enjoy the posts. 

Boys Can Dress Up!

My nephew had a birthday recently, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make him. He likes to dress up as a cowboy, and superheroes. There are not a lot of dress ups for boys in the store, so I came up with my own.

First is Kiowa the Karate Kid:
The outfit seemed rather simple at the time, but as I got into it I decided to finish off the seems with all the stitched hems. It was not hard, just time consuming. It did turn out rather nice I think. It is complete with pants, a top, a black belt, and of course the karate kid head band with his name appliqued and sewn on.I was worried they would not fit as I did not have him here to try it on, but I think it looks great on him.

Second is the Pirate Costume:
Here I have made a reversible cape with skull and crossbones on both sides one in an applique, and the other in white stitching. To complete the pirate look I put together some long/wide shorts, a bandana, and of course and eye patch. 

This is actually really awesome, and I am trying to convince my daughter to go pirate in pink for Halloween. 

It is so fun to make up these costumes. Especially for boys since they are more rare to find. Boys like dressing up too. Now they don't have wear sister's beads, and things. They can be a very manly pirate.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Shower Gifts

Ok, so there are just so many pregnant mama's around. So, here is a baby shower gift I made for one of my friends. 

First are Fuzzy Flops for baby size 3-6 months:
As I was getting ready for bed the other night this idea popped into my head  and I had to try it out. I did not have a baby foot to try it on,  so I did an educated guess on the sizing. I hope they fit. This was a rough draft, and I am sure the second pair will have a few minor changes. Fun and fuzzy I must admit.

Second is a set of Fun Onsies:
These are super fun and easy to make. I thought a giraffe and octopus would be cute on a baby. I love these because they are unique, and not something you would easily find in a store. 

So lets hear it for all the babies that have given me much inspiration for many of my crafts and sewing projects.

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