Monday, November 1, 2010

Hannah Montana Comes for a Visit

Don't mind the serious face above. My daughter is very shy, so it surprised me to see her willing to walk across the stage at the YMCA trunk-or-treat. This is her next to the real Hannah Montana, and the picture that we were inspired by. The jacket and boots where the only hard parts. I couldn't find a jacket pattern anywhere, and I looked for a white denim jacket to save time, but I think it must be the wrong season for that. So, I had to wing it and figure it out myself. I didn't put a zipper in it because by the time I got that far I was ready to be finished. She did help me bedazzle her microphone which helped out a bit.
She had a lot of fun as Hannah Montana, and even Miley Cyrus for school because she couldn't wear her wig. I think next year I need to to something really easy going. Who knows who she will pick next year.

Halloween was great and now we have too much candy that will probably get tossed eventually. I hope you all had a great Halloween as well.
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