Monday, October 4, 2010

Etsy Shop Dilema

Over the summer my poor shop has been neglected. I have not really renewed my listings or added new items. Really I have just been focusing on making my own projects, and creating things I have been wanting to try. Right now I have marked down all my dress sets to clear out my shop.

I would like to replace them with new listings. The dilemma I am having is what to put in there. The towel sets seem to do OK, and I can't decide if I should add some new designs or if I should add something new altogether. I have in mind some diaper bags, but they take so long to make. I will probably add some new towel designs, and something else too. We will see were my thoughts take me. I need to scramble my brain for some ideas.

So, while I take yet more time to think about what I want to put in my shop I will be enjoying the slightly cool weather we are having, and maybe even make myself a new purse while I am at it.

What are you enjoying during this fall season? What are you making?

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