Monday, October 25, 2010


My daughter decided that she wanted to be Hannah Montana for Halloween this year. So I finally went with it. She picked a picture and we tried to get it as close as we could. I will be posting the full costume later this week.

However, after a lot of work I finished some boots that I thought would go with the costume well. So, I thought I would at least dedicate a whole post just to these boots that were slightly obnoxious to make but worth it.
The toes turned out a little pointy, and I just haven't figured out how to get them nice and round yet. I hope to make a few more for practice.
The boots are made with a suede cloth in grey, and embellished with 4 buttons down the side and two ribbon ties at the back. The soles are soft and made with a non slip rubber. Lets just say that your kid would not want to go running around in a bunch of pebbles or twigs. P.E. might not be the best place for them either. I am sure that this sole would be perfect for smaller kids, but it would be nice to find something that was a bit more durable for the older ones.
Well, the boots were quite the experiment, but one I am glad I did. It was a fun challenge especially once I was finished. I will post the complete Hannah Montana Costume later this week.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Those boots are pretty awesome! I can't believe you made boots.


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