Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lemonade Stand

This lemonade stand was one of the projects I made over the summer. Unfortunately my daughter didn't get to put it to good use until now because I kept putting it off.
I used the left over canvas from the bean bag chair I made and then some extra scraps of pinks for some added girly fun. It turned out just as I wanted it too. The table underneath was in desperate need for a table cover anyway. Now if only I can get the motivation to do chair covers too.

Now that I am looking at these pictures I think I should have gotten a close up. My camera has actually been broken for the summer. I was planning to get a new one eventually, and in frustration of not having one I decided to pound and push my camera until it started working again. So despite the horrible pictures, I was at least able to take these.
She had a lot of fun selling lemonade and cookies. I think it is such a fun little way for kids to earn something. It was a good experience that we might try again when it is not quite as hot.

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