Friday, August 27, 2010

Chore Chart

I have been in need to make a chore chart for some time now. I needed something that would motivate, and be fun at the same time. An awesome thing about the internet is that if you want to know how to make something or get a tutorial for something it is available. So, I googled chore chart tutorials.

After searching and finding many different ideas I finally found one that I felt would be perfect for my little girl.

Here are some pictures of my version of the tutorial. If you want to take a look at the actual tutorial go to Childmade here.
The ones on Childmade were done with an embroidery machine. I don't have one, so I set my sewing machine to a zigzag stitch, and little stitch width. It basically gives them the same look as the embroidery machine.
Since I was just using what I had available already I didn't to the nice strong magnets in between the fabric like she did. It would have looked a lot nicer, but I only had the dinky magnetic tape. So I just used that on the outside.

I also have a visual little gal, so I went ahead and found clip art pictures of chores that she needed to work on. The nice thing about the vinyl holder is that I can replace these chores with others as she learns to make some of these a habit.

Her chores include:
*Put shoes away *Get dressed *Listen
*Flush toilet/wash hands *Brush Teeth
*Make bed *Say Prayers
*Pick up toys *Eat Dinner/clear plate
*Put dirty clothes in laundry *Do homework
The way I plan to do it is when she accomplishes a task/chore then she earns that scoop of ice cream. Once she earns all of the ice cream scoops, and the cone she gets to put the cherry on top, and then chooses a reward from a list we made. Some examples are: a popsicle, ride your bike for 25 minutes (that is a chore for me because it is so hot out), play on playhouse disney for 20 minutes. Really it can be anything that is fun or special to them. Just make sure they are motivated to achieve it. Another thing is that if she earns the ice cream scoop let say for flushing the toilet and washing hands, but then she forgets to flush the next time she has to give me that scoop of ice cream back.

I really hope this works and that she will enjoy making ice cream cones.


  1. Wow, you are amazing. You have definitely shown up my chore chart making. That is just beautiful!! I should have known you'd come up with something fantastic and crafty!!

  2. Melissa I LOVE this!!! I was just looking up chore chart ideas and then lo and behold I clicked on your blog! So creative and fun.


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