Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Diaper Bags!!

I am in love with diaper bags. This diaper bag that is. Now if I just had that baby to go with it. Maybe you do?
I made a couple of these a while back for baby shower gifts, and just never got around to posting it. I want to make one for myself even though I don't tote around baby items at the moment. I just love it too much. I will probably make a few of these and stick them in my shop sometime so keep an eye out. I will keep you posted on that when I do have them ready.
This bag closes at the front like a messenger bag. It doesn't scream diapers, milk, wipes, etc. It just looks like a cute bag.
There are so many pockets. The pockets pictured above are on the inside of the bag. Other pockets include: one on each side with velcro closure, double pocket on the front, and a large zip pocket on the back.
It takes about a full day to get one of these finished. Subtract all of the distractions and it is still a good 5-6 hours. Although labor intensive this is still high on my list of favorites.


  1. LOVE this diaper bag!! It is beautiful. When will you post them?

  2. Super cute! You should carry one around because I know women will ask you where you bought it! :) Easy marketing!

  3. Very stylish! I love it!!

  4. You are so amazing! It's gorgeous!

  5. Oh I LOVE it! I'm in Australia so postage would be scary... would you consider selling a pattern for the bag?


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