Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Happy Halloween Costume

This is the one and only Halloween costume I made this year. I had plans to make one for myself and my husband, however, I have been very busy sewing other projects this month, and I just didn't have time to get them sewn.

I do love the results of this funky, slightly spooky, and fun witch costume. My daughter specifically said she didn't want to be a mean witch, so I added a little pink, purple, and green to make it less "mean". She loves it and will now have another dress up to play with.

The top is made from a repurposed velvet floral dress, and the rest was just kind of added on. I wanted to make ruffles on the top, and it worked great. She was happy and that is all I needed.

Now, next year I will start in August. That way I might get more costumes made.

It was a great night of Trunk or Treating and we have more candy than is needed. I hope yours was fun and worth it too.

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