Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gymnastic Leotard

What do you do when you need a leotard and all the ones at the gymnastic stores are super expensive.

Well, you make your own of course.

I could have done this a lot cheaper than I actually ended up spending. I had to do it twice because the first time I did not get the right fabric, and it would not stretch enough to go on. Then I went to High Fashion Fabrics and it made all the difference getting a 4 way stretch fabric. This one here if made right the first time ended up costing me only $15. The cheapest one I found at the store was $37 and went all the way up to $90. I like the cheaper version.

I think it turned out really cute, and now that I know exactly what fabric to use it will be much better for the next one. I love the look of the flower, however, it might be better to use a more flat one like an appliqued poppy or something instead. I think this would get in the way when on the bars if she were a little older.

Now, if I ever make another one, I will try and take pictures to make a tutorial. However, I don't know when and if it will happen, but just in case I do I will add a tutorial for it on this blog.


  1. That is adorable!! must.have.tutorial!

  2. I am searching for tutorials on leotards, both my girls are in gymnastics, and found this. Your leo is super cute. Have you made more and put together a tutorial?

  3. I can't find a leotard small enough for my 19 month old who just started gymnastics. I also don't want to pay $45 for one. A tutorial would be wonderful!


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