Thursday, September 3, 2009

What You Can Do With a Serger

Yes, Yes what you see above is my very own serger. I finally treated myself to this wonderful machine. I have really only used it 2 1/2 times so far, but I am already in love with it. It just makes sewing so much easier and nicer looking.

Below is a picture of the first project I made with the serger. This was used as a practice piece for a shirt I am now making and will post pictures of later. It turned out cute for the most part. I am glad I practiced on this one first because there were a few things I did wrong, but they aren't too noticeable.
This 3rd picture is a little outfit I made for my daughters school attire. I used a pattern that my friend lent me for the pinafore top. I made up some simple shorts with ruffle bottoms to match the top. I did not use my serger for the top, just my sewing machine.

However, One Super awesome feature of this serger is that it gathers fabric. In fact once I get a steady hand on it I can actually gather something while serging it to another piece of fabric. That is what I did for these shorts I gathered the pink fabric at the same time it was being serged to the brown/pink fabric.
I love things with ruffles and gathers, but it is such a pain on my machine to baste and pull in order to gather. Now I will be making gathers all the time.

These shorts were so simple with or without a serger, that I am going to make a tutorial and post it. Keep an eye out, and maybe in the next few weeks I will have it ready.


  1. What cute outfits! Okay, you are going to have to show me how to gather and serge at the same time!
    Love it!!

  2. How I wish I had a serger, it definatley would make a lot of projects easier. Your is very nice!

  3. What the heck! I need to read my manual to learn that gathering trick. Or better yet, just show me, ok? ;) Cute, cute stuff! Have fun in Disney World!

  4. Oh my word you and your blog are adorable!!!! I am loving this place! All your stuff is adorable!!!

  5. Love the color combos on that shelf

  6. This is cool! I want one too =)

  7. How do you gather and serge simultaneously? I have the same serger but I still only know how to serger an edge-and I never can figure out what settings work best for anything other than cotton.


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