Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boys Can Dress Up!

My nephew had a birthday recently, and I knew exactly what I wanted to make him. He likes to dress up as a cowboy, and superheroes. There are not a lot of dress ups for boys in the store, so I came up with my own.

First is Kiowa the Karate Kid:
The outfit seemed rather simple at the time, but as I got into it I decided to finish off the seems with all the stitched hems. It was not hard, just time consuming. It did turn out rather nice I think. It is complete with pants, a top, a black belt, and of course the karate kid head band with his name appliqued and sewn on.I was worried they would not fit as I did not have him here to try it on, but I think it looks great on him.

Second is the Pirate Costume:
Here I have made a reversible cape with skull and crossbones on both sides one in an applique, and the other in white stitching. To complete the pirate look I put together some long/wide shorts, a bandana, and of course and eye patch. 

This is actually really awesome, and I am trying to convince my daughter to go pirate in pink for Halloween. 

It is so fun to make up these costumes. Especially for boys since they are more rare to find. Boys like dressing up too. Now they don't have wear sister's beads, and things. They can be a very manly pirate.

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  1. These are awesome!!!!!! You are so creative, I have finally been making more blankets for Sophia and even made a Quilt for my mom. but I am not as creative as you. Loved the baby flip flops too, they are so cute!!


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